Sunday, May 29, 2005


I have decided to start posting in themes. I am currently working on a theme to do with identity, language and location. I began working on it after a conversation with my dear old Mum who had just moved to a new apartment back in England. I asked Mum how the neighborhood was and she said she didn't know. So I said as a joke "Go knock on a neighbor's door and ask them for the 411." Of course she had no idea what I meant because in the UK you don't dial 411 for information. I started to think about how much my cell phone has it's own language, 611,911,800. Then I took out my Green Card which has all the information in the world about me encoded on it and I realised that one allows me to travel in the physical world and the other in the electronic. I can be defined as an Englishman, an Atlantan, an expat. By a social security number, a Zip Code, a license plate.I can be found by my street address, my e mail address, my phone number, my fingerprints. But my identity is much more complex than these sort of tribal attributes define, so I want to explore the idea of who I am and digitize that.
To be really tribal my first three pics are titled Family. The kid is my nephew, he lives in the UK and plays a mean Strat, he writes and records his own songs and hopefully he wont forget his kind old uncle when he's famous. The image is desaturated to a focal red, white and blue because it's our flag too. The dogs are Monty and Lucy my Bagel puppies. That's Beagle Basset mixed. Stone age man developed a relationship with dogs for a reason. The firewood was stacked on the porch of Pop's house, my adopted family in Georgia.You can't feed people without heat. This is going to be an on going series so if you have any ideas about identity, location or language please feel free to e mail me.


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