Saturday, June 11, 2005

Digital me

I'm not pretty but I'm all I've got and I'm sitting in a hotel waiting to go shoot an import hotrod show so I'm playing with the mirror and boy do I wish I looked like Brad Pitt. Of course that would make grocery shopping a little tricky if not actually dangerous so maybe it's better this way.
Click on the title in green above "digital me" for a link to an article that I think sums up the Language, Location and Identity theme I'm going for lately, better than I could hope to. Here's a quote;
"It's a cultural thing," said spokeswoman Brooke Schulz. "If you are an actor or an agent, you want to have a 310, because 310 is synonymous with the area of Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills -- all these places that have cachet in Los Angeles. When you have that 310 number, it says something about you."
I'm a 404 myself but if I did look like Brad Pitt I'd probably want my own area code. To hell with sharing dammit I am an island, though possibly somewhere more like Nauru than say Ibiza.
Also I'm going to start posting some non Picasa stuff because I really need to work on my CS2 and some non theme stuff because I have some ideas about where I want to go with that but I haven't shot them yet. I'm also going to post before and after shots with full exif data when I think it's warranted. Just so y'all know what not to do. Now off to shoot cars at least they hold position.


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